The Maypole School Parents Teacher Association is a registered charity, run by volunteers who are parents, guardians or teachers of children attending Maypole Primary School.

The funds we raise support the school with creating an enjoyable, fun, welcoming, and comfortable learning environment for the children. Naturally the school will always strive to do just that, and with the additional funds & support from the MSPA, the school are often able to go the extra mile.

The fundraising activities throughout 2019 meant that the PTA were able to purchase a brand new suite of laptops in January 2020, make a significant contribution to every class teacher to support children getting ‘back-to-school’ for the first few days of Term 1, another contribution to the installation of new wooden structures in the playground, and provide Maypole branded school-bags for the reception children.

We wouldn’t be able to do these great things if we didn’t have the continued support of the Maypole School parents, guardians and teachers.

If you want to discover how you can help support our PTA this term, head over to our ‘Ways To Help’ page or click here.

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